EPXC coaches have officially "Thrown Down A Challenge" to the team. What this means is we have recruited six 'old' guys (Coach Stafford, Coach Harris, Mr. Tofany, Coach Bodin, Mr. Ayala, and Coach Hocker) to form our very own XC team and race against the boys and girls teams.

The challenge is to run a 5K course and score as you would at any high school meet: top 5 runners score. The winner takes home the coveted "Everybody Finishes...some just sooner than others...Maybe Next Year" trophy as well as bragging rights for a full year!

Here are the deets:

Throwdown Challenge

When: Saturday, December 3, 2016: 9:30AM start time

Where: Westminster, CO

Which race: the Fa-la-la 5K

Where to Register: http://www.alloutmultipro.com/fa-la-la/ ***REGISTER NOW***

There will be a mini bus or two from EPHS to carpool all runners to the race. AND, we encourage parents to come out and watch this epic throwdown.

AND YES, we are confident that the coaches will win!! Sooooo runners, BRING IT!!

BTW...Winter Training has started.

Check winter training calendar HERE