EPXC had another great afternoon of races yesterday at the CSU/Frontier Academy Invite in Fort Collins at Hughes Stadium. This meet marked the first "full team" meet of the season and it was great to see many EPXC runners race for the first time this season, AND some for the first time ever in an EPXC singlet. 

EPXC girls team placed 11th overall and 4th in 3A. Of the 10 girls who raced, Zoe set a new lifetime PR of 26:45 and 5 bettered their times on the CSU course from last year. Lily improved her time on the course by 5 seconds and was the 1st overall finisher; Carlie improved by 24 seconds; Andra improved by 1:19; Mae improved by 1:38; and Annalise had a HUGE improvement of 2:32! The girls did a great job of working together in race packs or with race partners, a strategy we'll continue to implement this season.

EPXC boys team placed 8th overall and 3rd in 3A. Of our 18 boys in both races 5 of them: Hayden, Derrick, Paul, Lucas, and Alex all set new lifetime PR's! Three of our boys also made significant improvements on this course: Finn improved on his 2015 CSU time by 10 seconds Harrison and Mason each bettered their 2015 times by 24 seconds! Like our girls team, the boys practiced pack and partner racing and many were pulled along to great performances.

Importantly, EPXC had a great group of parent supporters out on Friday. Your encouragement is invaluable to the coaches and to the athletes; THANK YOU for making the drive down. Also, Thank you to the Teirneys and the Daleys for keeping our snack box stocked this week and to the Harroffs for dinner after the meet. 

Upcoming Events for Week #3:


  • There will be a NXSW meeting tonight at 5pm in the high school commons to purchase plane tickets for anyone interested in attending this post season meet. This is open to all athletes.

Weekend Training:

  • Saturday (Today): 30min easy jog. On your own.
  • Sunday: Rest day, please take it easy in preparation for next week.
  • Monday: Trail run with the team 4:00pm-5:15pm, meeting at the Dunraven restaurant. Or 45-60mins on your own. *(preferably on soft surfaces)
  • Please remember to rest, ice, and elevate any aches, pains, or injuries twice a day this weekend. Personal maintenance is hugely important at this point in the season. 

This Week:

  • Team dinner at Murray's Friday after practice.
  • St. Vrain Invite Saturday morning.

Let's keeping working hard EPXC!!!