All coaches hope that everyone enjoyed their break and are ready for the last push before the longer Christmas break. This past week was a bit shorten, however, those that showed up, did awesome and are working really hard. Keep it up!

Note that there is approx. 4 weeks till the Christmas break. Consistency during these 4 weeks will be crucial as there is no formal training over the break (HINT: Track Team Captain Applicants). If you have been coming out, keep staying consistent AND those that have yet to come or infrequent, please make every effort to get in these 4 weeks.

EPHS Track Team Captain Applicants

Speaking of captains...Coach Harris and Coach Bodin are currently in the process of putting together captain applications for the track season. These will hopefully be ready for distribution in the next week or so. For those that are interested in applying, there will be a short meeting to discuss the role & responsibilities of a track captain, expectations, etc., as well as handing out the paper application to fill out and turn in. Stay tuned!

Without further ado, here it is, Week #4 of Winter Training, please read carefully of the upcoming week of training and races:

Upcoming Week Schedule:

Monday – Metabolic Conditioning (a.k.a. MetCon) w/ Coach Stafford @ 6:30AM in the EPHS weight room. This type of training consists of a very high work rate for short duration, which improves cardiovascular capacity, VO2 max, and gives a SERIOUS caloric burn. Included are various types of bodyweight exercises to get the heart pumping!

Tuesday – Form, Stretch and Strengthening Drills w/ Coach Bodin @ 6:30AM in EPHS Gymnasium. These sessions are geared toward strengthening key running muscles, improving range of motion via exaggerating aspects of the running gait, improving the communication between the nervous system and muscles, and making the body more mindful of good running form. The payoff from the time invested on this day are greater speed AND, most importantly, injury prevention.

Wednesday – Cross-Training w/ Coach Harris @ 6:30AM at the Estes Community Center. These sessions include low-impact activities, such as cycling, aqua jogging, elliptical, rowing and swimming, that provide the benefits needed without putting more stress on the joints.

Thursday – Easy Running w/ alternating coach @ 6:30AM meet in the EPHS Commons. This run will be 3, 4, 5 or 6 low-key/easy effort miles on different routes in Estes Park. Corework will be followed after the run.

***As we get into the colder and darker mornings, please ensure you are bringing enough clothing for the weather (i.e. hats, gloves, pants, OR double up on everything)***

Friday – O.Y.O (On Your Own) run. Please coordinate among your teammates to get out for some easy miles. **Track Team Captains Applicants**, this is an opportunity to show your leadership; get your teammates out! SEND text messages, snapchat, Insta, or whatever you do to coordinate with each other, LOL.

SaturdayColderBoulder @ 7:45AM (Boulder, CO). This relatively flat & fast course winds its way around the scenic University of Colorado campus and finishes inside the toasty Balch Field House. At the finish, there is an expo with FREE great food and drink samples, and tons of other schwag while watching the Cold Medal Ceremonies.

If you are running ColderBoulder, please see or email Coach Stafford to coordinate meeting time for warming up before the race.

EPXC Team Gear for EVERYONE:

   -Stickers: Please email Coach Harris for your original Estes Park Track & XC sticker. Great for water bottles, IPads, binders, lockers, cars, etc.

   -Bobcat Beanies: We currently have in stock our popular bobcat pom hats for this winter season. If you'd like to purchase one, they are $18 each; please contact Coach Harris ( These are PERFECT and SUPER warm on those chilly AM runs AND/OR a stocking stuffers as a holiday gift. 

Lastly, remember any and all things relating to Estes Park Cross Country can be found on our team’s website: AND, please frequent our team calendar as EPXC is jam-packed with races, practices, events, etc. throughout the season and off-season.

You all can also follow us on our team Facebook page HERE!

Looking forward to another AWESOME week! GO BOBCATS!!

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