Registration has officially opened for the 5th Annual Egg Nog Mile on Friday, December 21st @ 1PM; after your last final exam. (NOTE 2016...3rd annual...was not run because of SUPER snowy conditions BUT from here on forward we'll run in ANYTHING).

For those that don't know, the Egg Nog Mile is a 4 lap run/jog/walk on the track in which the contestants drink a cup (amount TBD, hehehe) of egg nog before each lap. This event is the ultimate test a runner's fitness, stomach strength, and holiday spirit. More history on this special EPXC event can be found HERE)

All coaches are encouraging EVERYONE to show up and either run/jog/walk (whatever your stomach can handle) or spectate this annual Winter tradition! No matter if you are spectating or participating, we are kindly asking that you register by this Friday (HERE), in order for us to get ample amounts of Egg Nog and know how many to expect.

If you plan on spectating, we do need volunteers to fill cups as runners come through. We also do need one volunteer to time for the runners and probably one to take TONS of photos.

As with every year, this a competition between classifications. Seniors VS. Juniors VS. Sophomores VS. Freshman. It is YOUR job to get your fellow classmates out to run; AND, it doesn't matter if they were on EPXC or not!! This is bragging rights for a FULL year of who is the fastest class with the strong stomachs. Coaches, parents, friends, alumni and family will be distributed evenly between the teams. As in a cross country meet, lowest score WINS. ***There may be an additional relay mile race (400m per team runner),...which has been known to happen; we do this just to make sure you got enough Egg Nog in your belly!***

ALSO, there will be a secondary competition on the BEST holiday costume. Whether that's an ugly X-mas sweater, stocking hats, holiday socks, etc. we want to see them.

Prizes will be awarded upon conclusion of the races.

Lastly, remember any and all things relating to Estes Park Cross Country can be found on our team’s website: AND, please frequent our team calendar as EPXC is jam-packed with races, practices, events, etc. throughout the season and off-season.

You all can also follow us on our team Facebook page HERE!

Looking forward to another AWESOME week! GO BOBCATS!!

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