Just a couple of quick things. Please read all the way through.

Fastest Coach in Colorado:

This Saturday, December 8th, is the Fastest Coach in Colorado 5K run in Lyons. If you are interested in going to watch us coaches suffer and see how out-of-shape we are, please see or send a quick email to Coach Harris (alexander_harris@psdr3.k12.co.us) so we have an accurate count. Coach Harris & Coach Bodin will be leaving from the EPHS parking lot by 8:30AM SHARP; be in the parking lot by 8:25AM to coordinate carpools to Lyons. If you are attending, make sure to bring your running gear to get a bit of running in before the race starts.

If you plan on driving yourself down, meet in the Lyons High School parking lot by 9AM to join in the pre-meet run with everyone.

5K Races Update:

Remember, for those that run/race/walk ANY 4 or more 5Ks OR higher distance organized run up until the start of track season will receive a pretty sweet prize(s). Here are the current standings as this date:

Lucas - 2

Hayden - 2

Tracy - 2

Charly - 1

Mae - 1

Let us know if we have missed any one. Each weekly email will mention a local-ish race that you could attend (if applicable). You can also view of Team Calendar to see the ones that have been discuss at the beginning of Winter Training.

Track Team Captain Applicants:

Please see Coach Harris or Coach Bodin ASAP if you are interested in applying for track team captain. I just received word that the actual application will not be distributed until the start of track season. However, we encourage those interested to let us know so that we can start looking for the characteristics and qualities that make a great captain. We understand there are current track athletes in winter sports and do not want those to concentrate on the captain process at this time.

Lastly, keep up the awesome work and stay tuned for Week 5's email.