Estes Park Cross Country is entering Week 8!! WOW!

I know you probably don't want to hear this (I think parents do, LOL), but we are officially one-month out from the first week of school. The good news is that means the cross-country season is ALMOST HERE! The first meet will be here in a blink of the eye, so let's keep up those summer mileage. Also, try your best to get in AT LEAST 4 days a week of running from here on out; remember during the season, we are running 5 days per week.

As EPXC finishes out July and enters August, you’ll notice the EPXC calendar starting to ramp up with practices, races, team dinners, Color Run, and MUCH more! Please check our team calendar frequently for weekly updates; please note we do our absolute best to keep it up-to-date as possible.

There is important information for this week, so please read this email all the way through.

Running Logs:

ALL EPXC runners, your summer running logs will be due to Coach Harris (in person or email) at some point this upcoming week; the sooner the better as we plan on making selections to team camp by next weekend.

If you cannot get them to Coach Harris by next Friday (July 27th), please let us know ASAP. Your running log will be one of the criteria we use to choose those runners invited to team camp. If you have any questions and/or concerns about running logs, find one of us.

EPXC Team Camp:

The Estes Park Cross Country Team Camp will be held from Friday, August 10th thru Monday, August 13th in Steamboat Springs, CO. As a reminder, team camp space is limited to 7 boys and 7 girls, which is based on certain qualifications.

Next weekend, we will send out an email to those runners who have met/exceeded the qualifications. In that email, we will have a date in which invitees and parents will meet at the HS before camp to go over logistics (i.e. camp cost per runner, expectations, depart/arrival times, paperwork needed, camping ‘stuff’, etc.).

Qualifications for EPXC’s team camp can be found HERE.

Upcoming Week Schedule:

Monday - ***There will be a group of us meeting at the high school at 6:15AM. We will do anywhere from 4 to 6 miles depending on your weekly mileage plan. It is not mandatory but great for accountability to run with a group and get in your mileage***....OR....

O.Y.O (On Your Own) run. Please coordinate among your teammates to get out for some easy miles. 

Tuesday - Stanley Run @ 5:30PM (meet at Steamers Cafe). Choose from 3, 4, 5 or 6 low-key/easy effort miles. Stick around afterwards for the always popular post run meal...PIZZA!

Wednesday – Lumpy Ridge Loop @ 6:30AM. The Lumpy Ridge Loop has become a summer tradition for the Estes Park Cross Country team. On this adventurous  trail run, we’ll head up to Gem Lake, go on the backside to Cow Creek, climb up to McGregor Mtn. junction and head back on the valley floor. Sounds easy, right? Don’t be fooled, this is a tough BUT fun run where true team building occurs.

If you are unsure of how to get there, please refer to EPXC’s trailhead directions HERE. And, as always, stick around as chocolate-chip protein pancakes will be served afterwards.

***If you have purchased a hydration pack, please bring it with you on this run. It is getting hot these days, so a pack with water is well worth it.*** IT WILL BE IMPERATIVE TO HAVE WATER ON THIS RUN. Also, pack some snacks.

ThursdayLa Cocina de Mama (formally Mountain Strong) @ 6:30AM. EPXC will meet in the parking lot and most likely stay on the east side of Prospect Mtn. Afterwards, we’ll treat ourselves to this family owned & operated local business. They serve top-notch breakfasts all day; omelettes, bacon & eggs, skillets, breakfast burritos and MORE! Mmmmmmmm, can’t wait!

Friday - O.Y.O (On Your Own) run. Please coordinate among your teammates to get out for some easy miles.

Lastly, remember any and all things relating to Estes Park Cross Country can be found on our team’s website: AND, please frequent our team calendar as EPXC is jam-packed with races, practices, events, etc. throughout the season.

You all can also follow us on our team Facebook page HERE!

Here is to another AWESOME week! GO BOBCATS!!