It has been another busy week for the EPXC team. We hosted our 5th Annual Color Run Fundraiser, competed at the Wolverine Invitational, and are only 2 weeks away from our home meet, the Longs Peak Invitational. Please read carefully as there is a lot of information for the upcoming week.  

Wolverine Invitational:

This past Friday, the EPXC team traveled down to Monfort Park in Greeley for the Wolverine Invitational hosted by Frontier Academy. It was a record high-temperature day (93 F) and EPXC ran against a very competitive field of teams. Both teams managed to have a great set of races, and a few of our runners even set new personal records for the 5k!

The EPXC girls ran first and placed 2nd out of 11 schools! The girls team finish was very impressive however, their individual results required a little closer inspection to fully appreciate. On the bus ride down to the meet, the discussion focused around being aggressive and trying to set new PR’s on this historically quick course, but only Eva and Sarah were able to leave with new PRs (-13s and -1:26). Most of the girls team was not able to PR, likely because of the heat, and many seemed a little disappointed after the race. On closer inspection, their results were really very encouraging. If we compare the times of our top 6 returning runners to their performances on this same course at this meet last year, we are a very impressive 10:26 faster than we were in 2017! Here’s a quick rundown of the full individual places and improvements. Annalise placed 4th and improved by 59s. Charly placed 11th and improved by 2:35. Mae placed 15th and improved by 1:08. Brooke placed 17th but it was her 1st race on this course. Zoe placed 30th and improved by 27s. Eva placed 32nd and improved by 2:26 and set a -13s lifetime PR! Melia placed 46th and improved by 2:51. Caylin placed 71st but did not have a previous time for this course. Sarah set a new lifetime PR of -1:26! Sam placed 98th. Overall, it was a very encouraging race and if the girls are able to improve as much as they did from this point to regional last year, then we will be very well positioned to qualify for State.

The EPXC boys ran next and placed 5th out of 12 schools. On the boys side, almost every runner either set a new PR or improved on their time from last year. Cumulatively, the returning boys team dropped 2:26 from their 2017 times! Here’s a quick rundown of the full individual places and improvements. Nathan Zurfluh placed 11th and was within 10s of his 2017 time. Lucas Russell placed 14th and dropped 6s from his course PR and was within 3s of his lifetime PR. Hayden Filsinger placed 21st and set yet another PR dropping -30s from his time! Cole Murray placed 29th and dropped -21s from his PR and 2:04 faster at this meet than last year! Steel Wolf placed 40th and took an impressive -43s off his PR. Javier placed 42nd and was within 4s of his PR. Derrick was 50th and improved by 7s from this meet last year. Our boys roster was a little short sided due to a mix of ineligibility and injury, which likely affected our team score for this meet. Even so, we will need to be on the lookout for Frontier Academy, University, and Liberty Common and do everything we can to get ahead of them before Regionals if we want to have a chance of qualifying for State.

We’d like to thank Coach Stafford and the Moreau family for hosting team dinner and to the Harroffs for filling the snack box this week (the Gatorades on ice were perfect for a hot day like Friday!).

Color Run:

The 5th Annual Color Run was a big success again this year! We had approximately 70 runners participate, collected sponsorships from 12 local businesses, and raised just over $1000 for the Estes Park XC team! Thank you to all of the athletes, parents, staff, and sponsors who made the race possible again this year.

Team Shirts:

EPXC’s team shirts finally came in on Friday! For all athletes who ordered a team shirt, they are $8 each. Please bring your money to practice at some point this week. Checks can be made out to “EPHS Athletics”.

Injured Athlete Policy:

In an attempt to better serve our runners, we are asking that any athlete who knows ahead of time that they will not be able to run during practice at 3:30PM, let either coach know via or email at least one day ahead of time. We will ask injured runners to report to either the school or community center pool at 6:30AM for cross training. This will allow for both coaches to provide better rehabilitation exercises, guidance, and supervision than we can during the normal practice time when we are out on the roads with the team. We would also ask that any athlete who cannot run, please report this to their parent(s). Parents play a big role in the rehabilitation process at home, making sure athletes do prescribed home exercises, ice injuries, sleep adequately, etc. Please talk to your athlete about this policy and let us know if you have any questions.

Platte Valley Bronco Stampede:

EPXC’s next race will be on Saturday, September 22nd in Kersey, CO for the Platte Valley HS Bronco Stampede. Coach Harris will send a meet sheet out later this week ahead of the race. This will be an important race for us, as it will also be the venue for the Patriot League Meet in September. Team dinner on Friday will be hosted by Kelsey Persyn, one of EPXC’s volunteer coaches.

Longs Peak Invitational – Volunteers Needed!:

We need as many volunteers as possible for EPXC’s home meet on September 29th from 7AM - 3PM. If you are available, please consider helping out for all or part of the day. Please also extend this invitation to friends and family. Ruby Bode will be our volunteer coordinator this year. Please fill out the following form to let her know your availability for the meet. Longs Peak Invite Volunteer Link

 Lastly, remember any and all things relating to Estes Park Cross Country can be found on our team’s website: AND, please frequent our team calendar as EPXC is jam-packed with races, practices, events, etc. throughout the season.

You all can also follow us on our team Facebook page HERE!

Here is to another AWESOME week! GO BOBCATS!!

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