The countdown has officially begun and we are T-minus 5 weeks until the first official practice for the Spring track season (Monday, February 25th). As coaches, WE PROMISE, that these Winter Training sessions will pay HUGE dividends. Do everything you can to make every single session. The morning practices provide cross-training, strength, injury prevention...among many other benefits and the 'optional' runs in the afternoon are all aerobic efforts that are building that "super-engine".

To highlight a local race this weekend, The 40th Annual Frost Giant 5K/10K is taking place this Sunday, January 27th. This historic local 5K/10K will start from Bond Park, run past MacGregor Ranch, through fields with horses alongside you as you take in views of the snow-covered Continental Divide. It is a super fun race put on by the Estes Park Running Club and we EXPECT many of you to participate...including YOU, parents. As an incentive, "if you are 18 or under the race cost is only $10 for either the 5k or 10k - we welcome high school and middle school runners of all abilities!" Please register HERE.

***ALSO, for this year's edition, all proceeds from the race will go to benefit Chase Murray and his family!***

Coming up this week is a little different, so please read carefully all the way through:

Upcoming Week Schedule:

Monday – Martin Luther King Jr. Day, NO SCHOOL, NO PRACTICE. Rest Day or O.Y.O (On Your Own) run. Please coordinate among your teammates to get out for some easy miles

Tuesday – Form, Stretch and Strengthening Drills w/ Coach Bodin @ 6:30AM in EPHS Gymnasium. These sessions are geared toward strengthening key running muscles, improving range of motion via exaggerating aspects of the running gait, improving the communication between the nervous system and muscles, and making the body more mindful of good running form. The payoff from the time invested on this day are greater speed AND, most importantly, injury prevention.

OPTIONAL Easy Run w/ Coach Stafford @ 3:30PM SHARP! Meet in the EPHS High School 'Commons' for an 'easy' run. Expect to be done by 4:20-4:30.

Wednesday – Cross-Training w/ Coach Harris @ 6:30AM at the Estes Community Center. These sessions include low-impact activities, such as cycling, aqua jogging, elliptical, rowing and swimming, that provide the benefits needed without putting more stress on the joints. Coach Harris will send a 'Remind' message of what to bring.

Thursday – Running w/ alternating coach @ 6:30AM meet in the EPHS 'Commons'. This run will be 3, 4, 5 or 6 low-key/easy effort miles on different routes in Estes Park.

***As we get into the colder and darker mornings, please ensure you are bringing enough clothing for the weather (i.e. hats, gloves, pants, OR double up on everything)***

Friday – "Friday Dollar Run" @ 3:30PM SHARP! This NEW tradition for the Winter Training sessions is a wrap-up to the week. Meet in the EPHS 'Commons' and bring a couple of $$$ to stop by Dollar General after hitting the A,B,C's streets. Expect to be done by 4:20-4:30. A GREAT WAY TO FINISH OFF THE WEEK!

Saturday – Rest Day or O.Y.O (On Your Own) run. Please coordinate among your teammates to get out for some easy miles.

SundayFrost Giant 5K/10K (Estes Park, CO) @ 11:00AM. See above for details of this race. Please register HERE.

Remember, for those that run/race/walk ANY 4 or more 5Ks OR higher distance organized run up until the start of track season, will receive a sweet prize(s). Here are the current standings as of this date:

Lucas - 2 (Pumpkin Pie 5K, Colder Bolder)

Hayden - 2 (Turkey Trot 5K, Colder Bolder)

Tracy - 2 (Turkey Trot 5K, Colder Bolder)

Charly - 2 (YMCA of the Rockies Turkey Trot, Falala 5K)

Mae - 1 (Colder Bolder)

Let us know if we have missed anyone.

Lastly, remember any and all things relating to Estes Park Cross Country can be found on our team’s website: AND, please frequent our team calendar as EPXC is jam-packed with races, practices, events, etc. throughout the season and off-season.

You all can also follow us on our team Facebook page HERE!

Looking forward to another AWESOME week! GO BOBCATS!!

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