Can you believe it...we are already in February and the track season is starting up in less than 4 weeks! We have 2 more weeks of steady work (running, training, etc.), AND then the final week before heading into the first official day of track practice (which, BTW is Monday, February 25th). We'll have a somewhat of a 'taper' week to let the body rest, recover, rejuvenate and be ready to have an awesome season! NOTE, we will still have training that week, however, it will be low-key and FUN...stay tuned!!

PLEASE do everything in your power to get out these final 2 weeks! There are also 2 opportunities this weekend to get in some 'race' simulation (SEE Saturday & Sunday below).

AND NOW, to this week's upcoming schedule. Please read carefully all the way through as there have some changes:

Upcoming Week Schedule:

Monday – Metabolic Conditioning (a.k.a. MetCon) w/ Coach Stafford @ 6:30AM in the EPHS weight room. This type of training consists of a very high work rate for short duration, which improves cardiovascular capacity, VO2 max, and gives a SERIOUS caloric burn. Included are various types of bodyweight exercises to get the heart pumping!

Tuesday – Form, Stretch and Strengthening Drills w/ Coach Bodin @ 6:30AM in EPHS Gymnasium. These sessions are geared toward strengthening key running muscles, improving range of motion via exaggerating aspects of the running gait, improving the communication between the nervous system and muscles, and making the body more mindful of good running form. The payoffs from the time invested on this day are greater speed AND, more importantly, injury prevention.

Wednesday – Cross-Training w/ Coach Harris @ 6:30AM at the Estes Community Center. These sessions include low-impact activities, such as cycling, aqua jogging, elliptical, rowing and swimming, that provide the benefits needed without putting more stress on the joints. Coach Harris will send a 'Remind' message of what to bring.

Thursday – Running w/ alternating coach @ 6:30AM meet in the EPHS 'Commons'. This run will be 3, 4, 5 or 6 low-key/easy effort miles on different routes in Estes Park.

***It actually looks to be a decent week 'weather-wise', but keep an eye out and dress accordingly.***

Friday – "Friday Dollar Run" @ 3:30PM SHARP! This NEW tradition for the Winter Training sessions is a wrap-up to the week. Meet in the EPHS 'Commons' and bring a couple of $$$ to stop by Dollar General after hitting the A,B,C's streets. Expect to be done by 4:20-4:30. A GREAT WAY TO FINISH OFF THE WEEK!

SaturdayHeart Throb 5K (Longmont, CO) @ 10:00AM. Starting at Sandstone Park Pavilion in Longmont, CO and winding through the beautiful trail around the soccer and baseball fields, this is a scenic race in Longmont! As you run, all of your fans will be able to see you from the start line, and around the park. This is a very spectator friendly venue!

SundayOld Man Winter Rally 5.9-miler (Lyons, CO) @ 10:30AM. Starting at Laverne Johnson Park in Lyons, CO, you’ll run through town and onto a smooth/packed trail in Bohn Park. You could encounter snow or gravel, depending on Old Man Winter’s plan for the day. Single track will take you to the Picture Rock Trail head. Then, the course follows the beautiful Old South St. Vrain Road along the creek and alongside red rock cliffs. 2.9 miles is the turn-around / aid station, then you follow the same course back to the after party. Be sure to keep an eye out for foam ‘snow flakes’ along the course – bring one back and you’ll get a prize!

***This race is also a BolderBoulder quaifier***

Coach Stafford will send out reminders for these two races as they get closer to when & where to meet. These are both fast and FUN races!!!

These will be the last two races before the start of track season and are relatively close to Estes Park.

Again, for those that run/race/walk ANY 4 or more 5Ks OR higher distance organized run up until the start of track season, will receive an awesome prize(s). Here are the current standings as of this date:

Hayden - 3 (Turkey Trot 5K, ColderBolder, Frost Giant 5K)

Charly - 3 (YMCA of the Rockies Turkey Trot, Falala 5K, Frost Giant 5K)

Lucas - 2 (Pumpkin Pie 5K, ColderBolder)

Tracy - 2 (Turkey Trot 5K, ColderBolder)

Javier - 1 (Frost Giant 10K)

Brooke - 1 (Frost Giant 10K)

Cole - 1 (Frost Giant 5K)

Atlas - 1 (Frost Giant 10K)

Mae - 1 (Colder Bolder)

Let us know if we have missed anyone.

Lastly, remember any and all things relating to Estes Park Cross Country can be found on our team’s website: AND, please frequent our team calendar as EPXC is jam-packed with races, practices, events, etc. throughout the season and off-season.

You all can also follow us on our team Facebook page HERE!

Looking forward to another AWESOME week! GO BOBCATS!!

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