“You don’t stop when you’re tired. You stop when you’re done.”

The conclusion of this past week puts us at halfway point of the summer training season!!! Can you believe we are halfway through the summer? Can you believe the first official day of XC practice starts in just a mere 5 weeks (August 12th)? WOW!

EPXC’s Week #6 of summer training puts our runners in Phase #2 of our 21-week training block which is for the higher intensity workouts like tempo running, hills, track interval sessions, and fartlek workouts. This is an exciting time as we transition to this Phase as speed and strength will develop.

In the first 5 weeks of summer training, we have been working on building our aerobic base. Remember, the better our aerobic fitness, the less our body will have to tap into the anaerobic energy systems. This means you will not be fatigued as easy because your muscles are able to hang on to their glycogen fuel for longer, and you’ll be able to deal with lactic acid accumulation much better if you are in excellent aerobic shape.

Also, for those that have been sporadic, out-of-town, or haven’t committed yet, it is not too late to come out and build aerobic base. Turning up at your first fall cross country practice on August 12th out of shape and you will be spending the entire season just regaining your aerobic fitness. Therefore, your performances will not even be close to what you could have done if you did your conditioning over the summer and arrived at your first workout ready for the faster training we are giving you. BOTTOM line, now’s the time to come out; DON’T put yourself in that position.

You all are awesome! Keep up the great work.

NOW, Please read carefully below for recaps, races and upcoming schedule:

Longmont Half Marathon & 5K Recap

This past July 4th there were a handful of EPXC runners that competed in the Longmont Half Marathon & 5K  in Longmont. We had some really good performances without specific 5K training since the start of summer training. Taking the overall win was senior Lucas Russell. Coming in right behind was recent EPXC alumni, Nathan Zurfluh. Sophomore, Atlas Rhode was able to get in the top-10, finishing 6th overall and 1st in his Age Group. Full results can be found HERE.

These summer 5ks are a great physical benefit of starting to teach your legs 5K pace. At the beginning of the cross-country season too many runners get injured in the first few weeks of practice because they’re thrown into a race and their legs can’t handle the pace that their heart and lungs can. We will have a few more summer races for the remaining July and early August. Make sure to fit them in your schedules.

EPXC Team Captain-Led Camp Recap

On Friday, July 5, our Estes Park Cross Country team held the 1st annual “Team Captain-Led Camp”. 14 runners spent Friday afternoon into Saturday morning participating in a fun and challenging series of workouts, games, and team-building activities. This camp provided an opportunity for the EPXC team to continue to grow, bond and strive for excellence during our midsummer training - and extend it throughout the season.

Our 2019 captain applicants did a phenomenal job putting everything together and everyone definitely benefitted from this short get-a-way. A HUGE “Thank You” to the captain applicants for planning such a great event! The goal new year is to have everyone attend.

Rogers River Run 5K

On, Friday, July 12th is the Rogers River Run in Longmont, CO (Register HERE). Let’s get out in our glow and party apparel, to run, walk, or dance the 5K, all the way to the GLOW after party (as part of Longmont’s Rhythm of the River)! This 5K has been a summer tradition for EPXC team for the past 3 years with our runners finishing very well at this race.

EPXC will meet at the registration table at 6:45PM and do a warm-up before the race starts at 7:30PM.

We’ll stick around post race and head to the amphitheater stage to listen to live music, play games, for the award ceremony (around 9pm) and other race surprises! THE WILD GAME is the proud sponsor of top finisher prizes for several age categories in both male and female divisions. Let’s see if we can snag some of those top spots!

Mileage Tracking & Leaderboard:

Coach Stafford will have his computer set up in the Health Room to jot down your Week #5 mileage on the EPXC Mileage Tracking spreadsheet; keep logging those miles. Bring your Summer Training Binder to practice on Monday as the ‘Mileage Leaderboard’ will be updated.

Let us know if you have any questions on tracking mileage.

Upcoming Week Schedule:

Monday – Hill Workout w/ Coach Stafford @ 6:15AM meet in the Health Room (outside door will be open). We will be running the infamous ‘Johnsen Hill’ for an intro Phase #2 hill workouts; anywhere from 3 – 6 sets. Those that are still in the base-building phase, will have a different run scheduled.

EPXC Team Captain Applicants – We will be meeting at 5:45AM in the Health Room. BE ON TIME!!

Metabolic Conditioning (a.k.a. MetCon) w/ Coach Stafford @ immediately after run in the EPHS Weight Room. Our focus for this workout will be on the burpee. This type of training consists of a very high work rate for short duration, which improves cardiovascular capacity, VO2 Max, and give a SERIOUS caloric burn. Included are various types of bodyweight exercises to get the heart pumping!

Tuesday – Stanley Run w/ @ 5:30PM (meet at the front gated terrace). Choose from 3, 4, 5 or 6 low-key/easy effort miles. Please ensure this run is at your aerobic effort and nothing beyond that; especially after the hills from Monday.

EPXC Summer Team Dinner: The Moreau family will host team dinner immediately afterwards. Please use the above link for their address.

WednesdayPole Hill Rd. Trail Run w/ Coach Stafford @ 6:30AM. EPXC will meet at the top of Pole Hill Rd. at the entrance to the National Forest across from Alpine St. (make sure you past Ravencrest Chalet). We will have different out-and-backs options for this run. And, a little something different for breakfast…however, you have to come run to find out!

If you have purchased a hydration pack, please bring it with you on this run. Hydration packs can be purchased at the EP Mountain Shop (various sizes & prices)

ThursdayCinnamon’s Bakery w/ Coach Stafford @ 6:30AM. EPXC will meet in the parking lot and do a steady uphill along Fall River Rd. then turn and enjoy not only the great views but the downhill all the way back. Bring some $$ for afterwards. Although Cinnamon’s has a small menu, they offer four types of delicious cinnamon rolls: a classic (with icing on the side, if that’s your preference), sticky pecan rolls, raisin-filled, and fruit-filled AND they don’t skimp on the icing.

Friday – There will be NO Conditioning & Muscular Endurance w/ Coach Stafford @ 9AM.

Rogers River Run @ 7:30PM. (Registration HERE). See “Rogers River Run” heading for details.

Saturday – O.Y.O (On Your Own) run OR coordinate amongst your teammates to get out for some easy miles. EPXC Team Captains Applicants, this is an opportunity to show your leadership; get your teammates out!

Sunday - Cross-Training or Rest Day!

Another run-and-action packed week ahead! This is what being a Bobcat Runner is all about!

Lastly, remember any and all things relating to Estes Park Cross Country can be found on our team’s website: www.estesparkxc.com. AND, please frequent our team calendar as EPXC is jam-packed with races, practices, events, etc. throughout the season.

You all can also follow us on our team Facebook page HERE!! GO BOBCATS!

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