The Estes Park Cross Country had another GREAT week of training and racing. The team put in a hard effort during our Tuesday workout in the heat, which was a good preview of the race conditions experienced on Friday at the Cheyenne Mountain Stampede in Colorado Springs. As we move into Week 3 of the season and Week 2 of school, please make sure to keep the goals in the forefront of your mind and keep doing all of the little things (sleep, hydration, positivity, etc.) that will make you successful this season.

Cheyenne Mountain Stampede - Meet Recap


Girls Team – 8th Place/ 15 schools
The first two races of the day on Friday were the girls Varsity and JV. We had 9 athletes compete and this was the first 5k of some of our runners and therefore a 1st ever PR for 5 girl runners. Among the remaining 4 athletes with 5k experience, Raymond essentially matched her 2018 CMS time (+4s), Stein improved her CMS time by (-2:29!), and Tarczali ran a (-16s) lifetime 5k PR!

Below is the comparison on our varsity performance in 2018 and 2019 at this meet.





**The girls team may have moved up in average 5k time, 1-5 spread, and overall team finish place, but keep in mind that both Barron and Igel were unable to compete on Friday. Factoring their times on this course + Tarczali’s new PR, our average 5k time would have been 23:54, 1-5 spread under 1 min, and team place would have been approximately 6th.

Boys Team – 8th Place/ 18 schools
The next two races were the boys varsity and JV. We had 16 runners compete on the boys side with 9 running in the JV race (our biggest JV lineup in recent history). Of the 16, this was the 1st XC 5k for 8 runners and therefore an initial PR for them as well. We also had lifetime PR’s from Ferree (-24s) and Moreau (-2:00)!! Among our returners to this course, Russell was within 6s of this 2019 CMS time, Murray was (-1:35), and Filsinger was (-1:24).

Below is the comparison on our varsity performance in 2018 and 2019 at this meet.





**The boys varsity team improved across the board in comparison to their 2018 performance on this course, but we moved back 2 places as a team and finished behind 4 teams in our region.

The two big takeaways from today are, 1) summer training pays dividends and those that have been putting in the work since June are already seeing the results, and, 2) the competition in our league is stronger than ever, which means that we are going to need to want it more than ever and be willing to work harder than ever if we’re going to qualify for State this season.

(Full EPXC results attached and varsity linked here)

A BIG “Thank You” to Kelly Murray for hosting a great team dinner and to Amanda Filsinger for filling the snack box!

We still have openings in the snack box and team dinner schedules. If you’d like to sign up to fill the snack box or host a team dinner (keep in mind that you can double/ triple up with other families), please use the link below and fill in your name.

EPXC Team Dinner & Snack Schedule

Goals & Commitments

After school on Friday, the team gathered to sign expectation pages, to state their commitment to the team, and to set personal and team goals. Attached are the team expectations that all team members agreed to along with the team goals that they set. Please take a minute to read over the expectations and goals so that you can help our athletes meet our expectations and achieve our goals. We did not set aside time to work on individual goals; parents of those who did not attend camp please check in with your athlete to see if they have set individual goals and find out what those goals are.

This Week
-3:30-5:30PM Practice (mileage run/ 3-7 miles)

-3:30-5:30PM Practice (primary workout/ 4-6 miles)

-3:30-5:30PM Practice (light workout/ 4-6 miles)

-6:30AM-7:30AM Practice (pre-meet/ 3-4 miles)
-3:30PM-4:00PM Pre-Race Meeting
-5:00PM Team Dinner @ the Moreaus

Horizon Invitational
This week on Friday we will be competing at the Horizon Invitational in Brighton, CO. This is a “run unlimited-score 5” meet, which means that all runners will compete in either the boys or girls race and the top 5 runners from each team will score. These types of meets are a great way for the whole team to warm up and race together and is a chance for JV runners to move up into varsity spots for future races.

Adams County Regional Park (9755 Henderson Rd. Brighton, CO 80601)

Time Schedule:
-10:00AM Depart EPHS for Meet
-2:00PM Girls Race
-3:00PM Boys Race
-4:00PM Awards
-7:00PM Return to EPHS

Pay to Play
If you have not already done so, please send your athlete to practice this week with a completed “pay to play” form and cash or check made out to “EPHS Athletics”. Please email Coach Harris if you need additional information on this for or a copy of it.

Longs Peak Meet Volunteers
The EPXC team needs YOUR help on Saturday, 9/28 for the Long’s Peak Invitational. No cross country meets would be possible without the help of many volunteer’s both behind the scenes and out on the course. Please note that parents interested in both volunteering and watching the races can help out as course marshals along the xc course. If you are interested in volunteering, please mark your calendars (a sign-up form will be sent out later this week).

Keep on Running!

-Coach Harris

We are Estes Park Cross Country, We are Bobcat Runners, We are Mountain Strong! Here’s to an awesome 2019 season!

Lastly, remember any and all things relating to Estes Park Cross Country can be found on our team’s website: AND, please frequent our team calendar as EPXC is jam-packed with races, practices, events, etc. throughout the season.

You all can also follow us on our team Facebook page HERE!! GO BOBCATS!

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